WestRock Connect Intranet Redesign

User Experience Design / Desktop and Mobile / Wireframes and Prototyping

Project Overview

One of the business pillars Technology Development was tackling was the improvement of Employee Experience throughout the enterprise.
WestRock was going through a lot of technology transformation, and that included their intranet design. When the team first started, the intranet site was built on the classic version of SharePoint. The UX lacked consistency and professionalism.
Talk of reworking some of it started in the fall of 2017. But, in a nutshell, the Sharepoint environment was just antiquated and provided a convoluted experience overall.
Additionally, there was a business need to give access to employees who were not in front of a computer all day. As well as implement a mobile capability.
Overall, this project consisted of a desktop intranet redesign, a mobile application whose MVP included basic article content consumption, and a publishing site that functioned as a API bridge to pull things into the mobile app.

My Contributions

Working with a cross-functional team, an outside vendor, and Dylan Agardy - a fellow designer, we had the opportunity to revamp the companies intranet completely.
Thanks to all of the technological innovations in the company, our SharePoint environment was moving to O365, where we could take advantage of modern layout and app capability.
In the earlier days, I conducted a user interview and looked at using a different CMS altogether because a critical stakeholder wanted to get away from Sharepoint.
I helped establish the typographic scale, applied the WestRock brand to the Sharepoint environment via the theme object, iterated on the navigation system working with internal stakeholders, and worked with the external vendor who was handling the development aspect. We also iterated on layouts for a bit of time.
Launch Desktop Prototype
Launch Mobile Prototype
In progress
In progress
In progress


Launch Mobile publishing wireframe prototype

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