Hi there! I'm Zane, a User Experience Designer based in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Walmart Imperium
UX / UI / Qualitative Research
Vanguard IIG Investment Tools
UI / Data Visualization
WestRock Customer Digital Portal (CDP)
Corporate e-Commerce / UX / UI
WestRock Design System
Design Ops / UX / UI
WestRock Connect Intranet Redesign
Employee Experience Imperative / UX / UI
WestRock Connect Mobile
Employee Experience Imperative / UX / UI
WestRock Events App
Employee Experience Imperative / UX / UI
Safety Defender
Employee Gamification Experience
Space Systems News Wireframes
User Experience / Interaction Design / Information Architecture
Human Resources Community Portal
UX / UI / Information Architecture

My experience summary

I have a broad range of experience, over 25 years not wearing one hat but many. However, I've been doing things that relate to UX my whole life.

Starting as a graphic designer, I transitioned my creative problem-solving skills into creating digital products and services. Starting my first role with an official UX title 5 years ago, I began working in the UI realm. UI affects digital products, so it was only a matter of time before I learned to consider the larger picture. I empathetically place the end-user in the center. I also use communication and collaboration skills to help ease the divide between the design and development world. Before transitioning to a user experience designer role, I spent 20 years in visual communication design as a graphic designer and illustrator, 13 of those in the defense industry with the Lockheed Martin Corporation. These 13 years pointed the way forward.

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Walmart U.S. Omnitech
User Experience Consultant
June 2022— November 2022
User Experience Designer
February 2021— June 2022
User Experience Designer
July 2017 — September 2020
Lockheed Martin
Senior Digital Designer
Jan 2004 — Jul 2017

Feel free to reach out!

If you have a question about any of the projects in my portfolio or to inquire about a project you have going on drop me a line below.

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