My HCI Adventure at Drexel University

Blending Human Insights with Technological Innovations

Hey there! I'm Zane Parker, and I'm deeply immersed in the fascinating world of Human-Computer Interaction at Drexel University.

This is my digital diary where I unfold my academic adventures in HCI. My journey began at the intersection of creative design, technology, and human behavior, as you can read in my bio. Eventually this lead me to Drexel's innovative program.

I've always been fascinated by how technology impacts our lives, and this program has been the perfect playground for my explorations. This has been a great place to let my analytical and creative sides collide among paths of collaboration, research, and innovation. This experience has shaped me into more than just a student - I’m now a thinker, creator, and change-maker in the making.

With each day, I uncover more about the dynamic field of HCI, eagerly anticipating the future breakthroughs and experiences. Step into my world at Drexel, where I share insights, lessons, and my excitement for HCI.


Fusing technology with hospitality to create an unforgettable dining experience.
Smart Closet
Physical Prototying
The Elysian Zoo
An enchanted AR-powered mobile app that invites you on an extraordinary journey into a realm of mythical creatures and magical lore.
Project 5
Project 6
Voice-Enabled Culinary Assistant Prototype